About Us

Elegant compositions with attention to melodic detail, and compelling fresh grooves are trademarks of the VAD75 smooth jazz project's sound. Our music delivers an awesome, dynamic, and unique contemporary jazz sound, evoking images of the inner city.

Listeners will appreciate the mixture of the funk and fusion in these contemporary smooth jazz tracks. Packed with intensity and complexity, our music maintains a high level of integrity and insight and all tracks are perfect for quality background music for all kinds of events.

" . . . your music is SMOOTH, CRISP, BRILLIANT, STELLAR and a MASTERPIECE. We are honored to now be broadcasting your music to the world!"

- Jeff Moses, WJMX-DB Smooth Jazz Boston


Founded by composer Vadim Chelnokov and outstanding saxophonist Vladimir Kurilov. VAD75 is an international collaborative project which brings together many great artists from around the world.

The genre is mainly smooth jazz but vibes and influences from various regions and cultures can be felt, as the musicians bring their own flavour to the recipe.

Using the internet to collaborate across oceans and cultural divides the project spans the globe, from Canada and the US, to the UK, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Brazil and more. Our audience is equally global, with our songs being played on radio stations in 6 continents (the penguins in Antarctica are not fans).

Music and art should go beyond borders and this is the main point of the project. We can all speak to each others hearts via the language of artistic expression and we hope to share ourselves with our listeners and give them something to feel good about.

" . . . Beautiful to say the least. Sounds timeless. Cool and transparent, great sound for the holidays! Nice, catchy hook."

- Youtube reviews

Sound Quality

Mastering is the final and very important step of music production. The purpose of audio mastering is to balance all sound elements of a mix and optimize your track across all systems and media formats. Also, audio mastering is the process of preparing your mix for distribution.

We're closely collaborating with Poly Mastering, an independent world class mastering studio, which is a great online mastering facility and offers a free mastering sample for clients. 99% of our work is mastered at Poly Mastering. It's professional, affordable, and absolutely risk-free service. Please, have a look for yourself! (click logo)


" . . . Very pretty tune. Just letting them all play. Really enjoying."

- Life On The Mediterranean channel


Meet our colleagues and friends. Take some time to read the profiles of these artists who are involved in collaborations with VAD75.

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Vladimir Kurilov


Vladimir Kurilov is an excellent musician, saxophonist, who has been leading successful concerts, studio and teaching activities all over the world for more than thirty years.

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Scott Marvill


GRAMMY Recognized Smooth Jazz Artist, a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, guitar and bass, and fronts the band on their live performances.

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Slava Gordeev


A virtuoso bass guitarist! This is the most important component of the band. Collaborated with many famous pop artists, including Tony MacAlpine.

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Kane Williams

Vocals, Lyrics

Kane lives in the UK and produces authentic soul and funk music, with hints of jazz, pop and electro stuff. He has a great voice and good sense of humor.

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Jo Barwick


An absolutely gifted singer Jo Barwick's tender, velvety vocals soar effortlessly enveloping listeners in their passionate embrace. She sings multiple genres from jazz to EDM.

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Vadim Chelnokov

Piano and keyboards

A professional film, television and media composer, arranger and producer. He has recorded and produced several contemporary jazz albums and founded VAD75.

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Daniel Chia


Daniel is one of the most sought-after saxophonists in Singapore and the region. He has performed for countless events and is equally adept in Jazz, Pop, Classic, RnB.

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Dmitry Kiryakov

Sound engineer

Recording for independent labels and working with clients from all around the world has given him a unique insight into the art of music and the creation of sounds.

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Igor Laptev


One of the best landscape photographers today! A real wizard! Igor sees nature like no one and invites us to visit his magic world. Better take a look for yourself.

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Robert L. Bryant


An artist, record producer, and owner of a record label. Robert strives to create his own unique style by combining jazz, pop, soul, rhythm and blues, with electronic sounds.​

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Margarita Khamidulina

Photos and design

Margarita always looks for new ways to visualise the individuality and uniqueness of people, moods, and elements. Her high-quality portfolio is well worth your attention.

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Viktor Anghius-Locker

Artist, graphic designer

Over the past 40 years, he has made the technology he works with his own and has continuously expanded it. His works have been on view at the United Nations in New York.​​​​​​

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